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Esprit Quilts are treasures for sale from the world-renowned Esprit Quilt Collection. In addition to some of the greatest Amish quilts ever made, you will see some mid-19th century “High-Style” quilts, and many fabulous eccentric quilts we call “Mavericks.”

Esprit Quilts


Unknown Origin, likely Kentucky
76 x 82 inches
Circa 1930

A fabulous treatment of a Log Cabin type design, with excellent color, much movement and great charm. Hand quilted.

This quilt was part of the Esprit Quilt Collection and was prominently displayed at the Company Headquarters. It has also been exhibited in numerous museum exhibitions, including one at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA.

The quilt was collected in Kentucky, and likely made there, circa 1930.

EXCELLENT CONDITION. Prepared on the back with Velcro for hanging.

Price: $2,450

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