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ESPRIT Quilts for sale

Esprit Quilts are treasures for sale from the world-renowned Esprit Quilt Collection. In addition to some of the greatest Amish quilts ever made, you will see some mid-19th century “High-Style” quilts, and many fabulous eccentric quilts we call “Mavericks.”

Esprit Quilts

JACOB’S LADDER trundle quilt

Unknown Amish Quilt Maker
Holmes County, Ohio
46 x 72 inches
Circa 1930

Beautiful subtle color in this terrific example of an antique Holmes County, Ohio AMISH trundle quilt.

Superb quilting, executed at 11 to 12 stitches per inch, counting one side only.

EXCELLENT CONDITION. Prepared on the back with Velcro for hanging.

Esprit Collection

Price: $3,250

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